Our Team

Meet the Staff!

Originally from the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin, Hannah keeps life simple here, often hanging out with her two cats, Leonartis and Alaban and listening to some classics like Billy Joel or Elton John. Her leopard gecko, Candace, likes to listen in on the tunes too!

She’s been with us for almost 2 years now, but also studied cosmetology and still enjoys practicing it as a hobby.


Kadance has worked with us here for over a year now and will soon be starting her senior year in high school. She loves to dance and enjoys teaching dance classes to children during the school year.

When she’s not on the clock, you might find her munching on a bowl of our Parmesan Cream Linguini or spending time on the lake with her friends boating or jet skiing.

She loves to travel and so far her favorite place that she has visited is Jamaica!


This is Seth. Seth has one of those good-humored personalities that just naturally draws folks into having a good time. He started with us last October as a cook and recently started learning the ropes as a server and bartender as well!

Seth has worked at several restaurants, but says working for Brothers Group (Turtle River Chophouse) is his favorite. When he’s not creating culinary masterpieces here, he adds elegance to homes as a housepainter. If he can find free time, he enjoys stopping by Bar 209 for a pretzel, playing rugby or spending quality time with his puppy Rosie!

This guy is a character, so it’s not surprising that he would play a character for some laughs. He did just that, dressing up as Miley Cyrus in his high school talent show and performing his own rendition of “Wrecking Ball” a couple years back.



Danielle has worked here for about a month and says, “It is very cool to be able to work with such kind, wonderful, hard-working people. It has been a lot of fun” The feeling is mutual Danielle!

Danielle has been married for 12 years and they have two kids and a Yorkie together. For most of the year she teaches 8th grade math in Bemidji, as well as coaching swimming and track! She likes to stay busy and even in her “down” time, she enjoys doing anything that helps her get a workout in. The most recent courses she’s been working on are some intense “Floor is Lava” circuits with her kids!

Danielle loves to go for a run, in fact, she has run 3 marathons and even qualified for the Boston Marathon! She also loves gardening, camping, hiking, and of course eating here! Her favorites are the red blend Runquist 1448 wine and our Maple Bacon Beer Burger.


Lindsey started with us just a few weeks ago, but is already a pro at providing a superb experience for our guests…as well as dominating our delicious Ghost Burger, which she insists she could eat every day.
She is the youngest of ten children, and while her family resides in the Bemidji area now, but they also spent eight years living in America’s northernmost and largest state, Alaska.
Outside of restaurant life, Lindsey has an incredible passion for photography. Having interned with a photographer to learn as much as possible, she now does her own sessions for families, maternity, seniors, and engagements.
In her free time, she will often take time to curl up with her pretty pooch, Jezebell, who is a Karelian bear dog. On nice days, she likes to feel that wind in her hair, so she’ll whip out another of her favorites, her longboard.
Lindsey is a perfect pairing of sweet and spunky and we’re thrilled to have her as part of the team!


Dylan has been with us as a cook for about 5 months now. He’s been working in restaurants for around 10 years and exudes a quiet confidence in his kitchen skills. When you come craving our crème brûlée, there’s a good chance he’s making your masterpiece.
When you can catch him in a conversation, you might get to hear about his current recording project as a bass player or his love of death metal music. Living on a lake gives him the chance to participate in the many water activites he loves and afterward, spend time with his adorable munchkin kitty, Gaia. (If you haven’t heard of a munchkin kitty, look it up ASAP. So cute!)
Dylan is a great part of our team here. We love his cooking and the fact that he introduced us to munchkin kitties.